Cross-country ski trails in Saariselkä

Seasonal maintenance schedule

The following trails are opened as soon as there is enough snow:

  • Saariselkä – Laanila – Kiilopää – Kakslauttanen – Tieva/Muotka
  • Kuutamolatu
  • Prospektori
  • Saariselkä – Luttotupa
  • Sivakkaoja
  • Ahopää
  • Ahopään välilatu
  • Saariselkä – Rumakuru – Piispanoja

The following trails are opened on week 51:

  • Kiilopää – Luulampi – Rumakuru
  • Saariselkä – Kaunispää – Palo-oja

The following trails are opened on week 8:

  • Palo-oja – Moitakuru – Luttotupa
  • Iisakkipää
  • Lutto – Taajoslaavu – Luulampi
  • all nature trails

Lutto – Taajoslaavu – Luulampi trail and nature trails will be groomed followingly starting from week 8:

Monday, Wednessday, Friday

  • Kulmakuru
  • Laanilan Kievari
  • Vahtamapää
  • Taajoslaavu

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

  • Rautulampi
  • Niilanpää – Muotka
  • Sivakkalaakso
  • Kopararova

The maintenance ends followingly:

  • The last day of trail maintenance is 4.5.2024.
  • The last day of nature trail maintenance is 13.4.2024.
  • The last day of maintenance of Lutto – Taajoslaavu – Luulampi trail ja Palo-oja – Moitakuru – Lutto trail is 20.4.2024.

FAQ Saariselkä ski trails

1. Are the ski trails illuminated?

Yes, part of the ski trails are illuminated between 6am and 10pm. The illuminated trails are marked in the trail maps.

2. When will you open the first snow track?

The first snow track is made by snow cannons and therefore it is difficult to predict the opening date of the track. The snowmaking starts as soon as the weather is cold enough, and typically the opening date has been in late October or early November.

3. How often are the trails groomed?

Most of the trails are groomed every day in the morning. All the nature trails and Vellinsärpimä - Taajoslaavu - Luulampi trails are groomed three times a week.

4. How can I pay the trail fee?

You can pay the trail fee here.

5. Can I ski with my dog?

Of course! There are two trails where you can take your dog with you; Saariselkä - Moitakuru - Palo-oja and Kiilopää - Kakslauttanen - Tievatupa. These trails are marked with a dog symbol in the maps. 

Remember to keep your dog in a leash.

6. What is a nature trail?

Nature trail is a narrow ski trail that is only suitable for classic style. It is groomed with a snowmobile and groomer.

Member rental offices

These rental offices are members of the trail maintenance cooperative, and they pay for trail maintenance.